We design and assemble all of our apparel in America. Supporting our local people and businesses is important to us because those around us are the building blocks of our community. Strong communities filled with amazing people like you who support their small business and their local community, make us more connected. Stronger connections make our nation better and a better nation makes the world a better place to live in for us, our loved ones and future generations.

Local > Global

Local + Global

Local = Global

We created SmartClothing

You're smart.

Shouldn't your clothes be too?

Why isn’t your clothing meaningful as well as functional and fashionable? You have active wear, formal wear, business clothes, work clothes, entertaining clothing and even generic clothing.

But when was the last time something you wore made you think?

Our SmartClothing and collections are meant to provoke thought and conversations.

Imagine the your clothing and items the fill your space, starting conversations. Amazing conversations. Conversations you don’t want to end. Conversations that lead to new lifelong friendships, partnerships, relationships, internships and maybe even foreign trips.

Our design goal is sparking that conversation. That and creating the only t-shirts you could wear to a job interview and would most likely get the job.

While the world seems determined and obsessed to place people in neat little check boxes, we decided to move in the opposite direction. We understand that few things in life are definable and titles often serve as limitations so we decided to not accept names, race, gender or sex on our job applications and use a double blind hiring process where any hints of identity, sex, gender are removed.

At Piker Trading everyone is judged purely by their mindset, the content of their character and the quality of their work. Well mostly the quality of their work…

The best person or animal for the job gets the job. Yes we are looking for a company mascot animal.

Sameness of mindset and mission at our company is our strength.

Truly equal opportunity.

Paying it forward.

Education + Finance + Business = Economy

We donate 10% of our profit to organizations and causes that help further education and literacy among children and adults.

Education provides children and adults with the information needed to build wealth.

Building wealth using either financial or educational means is the first step a towards forming a strong economy for yourself, family and overall group, culture and nation.

With a strong economy comes agency which is the ability to act independently and exercise free choice without being influenced by outside factors.

Who doesn’t want the freedom that allows you to do what you want to do, when we want to do it?

Click here to learn how your new favorite t-shirt you bought today from Piker Trading is going to help children and adults of all ages achieve their desire for financial freedom and wealth.