We debated prevent people from contacting us because we really, REALLY hate being disturbed when we are doing nothing all day.

After lots of yelling, bare knuckle boxing and makeup hugs, we decided on giving out our email address.

We were going to have one of those contact forms but realized that it would make it too easy for lazy people to contact us. Send us an email at Peter [no space] Piker [at symbol] and we will respond to you within 24 hours or less to answer your questions. We’ll likely respond quickly because we rarely sleep thanks to a combination of caffeine patches, coffee soap, pre-workout and various nootropic cocktails. A combination that is so beautiful and pleasing to the senses that it’s recipe could be featured in The Louvre in Paris. We’ll take the recipe to our graves.

NOTE: To potential shoppers and other customers, know that our contact information including all relevant phone numbers, email addresses and our physical address information is provided at the completion of your orders.