Best Trading Keyboard - Love and Hate

Microsoft Ergonomic Trading Keyboard 4000 Review

I’m going to tell you why I hate and love this trading keyboard, but first some backstory…

The year was 2006 which is before many of you had even decided what area you wanted to be a failure in before settling into the dismissive arms of finance and trading. At the time I was coding way more than I am now. I’m talking 18 hours a day on the weekend of Java, Unix shell code, TCP/IP and FIX protocol agents, data scraper from yahoo finance and other websites and hand coded SQL code. I was obviously out of my mind to choose to take on such a task by myself. But what can I say, I’m a masochist who rarely chooses the easy way to do something. You’re clearly make better decisions. Anyway, I heard some hippies in my office talking about ergonomic devices and other things like wrist guards to help prevent weak-wristed men from experiencing too much pain when scrubbing pots, dusting or whatever it is they do.

Enter the ideal Trading Keyboard.

The Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 (ignore my messy desk)

Best Trading Keyboard


At first I loved it. It was new. I felt like I was resting my hands in the curve of the back of a beautiful and petite young woman. The keys gave ever so gently with every key stroke but didn’t feel mechanical.

The home keys of ‘F’ and ‘J’ have little notches that help my hands settle over the home keys in a dark room or when I’m drunkenly replying to emails after a night out with friends. I even like the length of the cord because it allows me to rest it on my lap and use all my desk top for papers and/or dinner.


It’s too sturdy which is why I hate it. You see, I’m used to cheaply made products and in previous offices and jobs I’ve broken a few keyboards in frustration after hitting them on desks, throwing them against walls and other normal moments of emotional expression. You see, subconsciously I think I want to get a new keyboard to see if new is better, but this has just held up so well.

It’s traveled with me across several states and countries and it has been one of the few worldly possession that might be worthy of me leaving to the kids I don’t have yet since everything else is pretty much crap.

Other than that, my one complaint it that there aren’t more favorites keys and that there isn’t a USB port on the keyboard itself.

Here are a few pics of my keyboard (ignore the messy desk). Followed by a few pics from around the web.


You can pick up the keyboard at either used or new.

Your Trading Tools

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend thousands on several screens, courses, chat rooms and other products. The best assets when trading are time, experience and focus. If your current trading keyboard works fine and you don’t use it that much, keep the one you have. If you are spending more time at your computer then definitely protect your wrists from repetitive stress injuries by using the available ergonomic tools.

Most importantly, keep focusing on building your trading experience and market knowledge.

Everyone starts at the bottom.